• Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake - ANA & YVY

Stock & Mock | Oui Madame Cupcake

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Oui Madame Cupcake | A Vintage Rose Cafe Collection

Bonjour my loves! Today we celebrate a rose girly party with our Oui, Madame Cupcake Mockup & Stock bundle and we’ll have a small sneak peek how Marie Antoinette's day as an entrepreneur would look like in 2018.

Powdery colors, rose, beige, nude and of course gold are the key colors of the color palette. What would Marie eat or drink? Of course her healthy diet would be buttercream cupcakes and macarons and for a refreshing drink she’d take a glass of rose water lemonade. This is the healthy creative diet while working on the macbook. But first things first: She’d start with an morning breakfast with pink and white marshmallows (because they look so cute). Than after this healthy and easy digestible breakfast she’d take a break and take some coffee and waffles while working on her handwriting skills. After a long and relaxing break she would start some work on her macbook... But because online shopping on ASOS and Etsy is so interrupting, she would end her work session after about 10 minutes.

Wow, this was really exhaustive! Maybe she should call some of her girl friends for a party?... so the girls are coming! Wow. But wait, we need to decorate the party table with rose and pink ceramics and sweets! And we need some gifts for our guests. So decorating, throwing confetti around and packing some cute little boxes is the perfect way to relax your mind after such a long work day. puuuhhh. Thank god it's friday!

Hope you’d fun with this small story time introduction to our very new stock image set!

This bundle is perfect for you and your creative fempreneur business! Create unique graphics for Pinterest, your blog or your social media! Use the images to showcase your designs on Creative Market or Etsy or to fill up your Instagram feed or story. This set is as sweet as a cupcake!

This rose, gold and pink collection is perfect for every kind of girls event! Unique vintage items and sweet candy.

The set contains 13 ready to use mockup arrangements, 25 beautiful arranged flatlays and stock images and 3 bonus images of lovely wrapped gift box.

The scenes are made out of following items:

  • gold foiled decoration paper
  • vintage spoons and teaspoons
  • cupcakes
  • macarons
  • gold metallic and white confetti
  • phone
  • macbook pro
  • hands in different situations
  • rose water lemonade
  • marshmallows
  • cup of coffee
  • gift boxes with bows
  • party decoration items
  • gold scissors
  • fountain pen
  • waffles
  • gift wrap / gift wrapping
  • vintage glas

The mockups are ready made for Photoshop in psd format but we also included the mockups as JPEG files (without the ready to place effect) for you, if you don’t have photoshop.


  • 13 psd files
  • 41 jpeg files (13 mockup scenes are included here)

All images are retouched on a high-end level.

We left more image information in post-production by not over brightening the images. This gives you more possibilities to decide by yourself how bright or dark the images should look like depending on your project. CMYK and RGB The files are 300 dpi, the jpegs are 8 bit and the psd files are 16 bit and all are ADOBE RGB (1998). This means you can also convert into CMYK for print without color issues. The landscape ratio is 5184 × 3456 px and the portrait ratio is 3456 × 5184 px. Stock images & mockups are a perfect way to add some ready made amazing and high quality photos to your social media, blog or presentation. No matter if you’re a busy creative business owner, a busy blogger, or a social media manager. Our stock images and mockups save you a lot of time, money and effort.


If you want to use the mockups, please make sure you have the latest version of Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, don’t worry. These mockups are also included as jpegs in the set. The only reason for using the mockups is to put your work faster on top of the object.

Our Mockups are super easy to use. If you're insecure, please check out our website https://anayvy.com were we show and explain you how to use them or write us a message. We'd love to help you!

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