Zodiac | An Corporate Alchemy Collection for Social Media 

Celebrate your connection to the universe! The Zodiac animation pack let your Instagram shine bright like a star in the stunning night sky. Create your own way to represent your zodiac and your passion for all things astro by adding these dazzling and high quality animations to your instagram feed and story. Brighten up your feed with beautiful night sky views to show your dreamy side. Add some stardust to your social media! The Galaxy has so much beauty in it!

We added something very special to the bundle for all the Lunar lovers out there: An fully animated moon cycle animation.

Astronomy meets geometrical design. Wish your loved ones a lovely birthday with a special story. Reach out to your followers and add some galaxy diamonds to your feed. Did you read something special in your horoscope and want to share it with your community and your esoteric minded followers? This is the most beautiful way to go! Or maybe you wrote an interstellar blogpost and now you want to advertise this on your instagram? Go for it!

We put a lot of love and effort into this unique and outstanding bundle to offer you something really special. The whole set contains:

  • 12 zodiac sign constellation in a round frame animations for your instagram stories (16:9)
  • 12 zodiac sign constellation animations for your instagram stories (16:9)
  • 12 zodiac sign constellation animations for your instagram feed (square)
  • moon cycles animation (16:9)
  • 3 night sky animations (16:9)

The signs are:

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus and virgo.

The files are all *.mp4 and 15 seconds long. We didn’t put typography on it, so you can customize the stories as you like and make them fit your brand.

We hope you like our new project and wish you a beautiful day!

Follow your daydream.