Animated Watercolour Tool Box | A Creative Paint Stroke Collection 

Be creative with animated watercolour!

Create amazing watercolour animations out of your illustrations or photos! Or what about animated watercolour instagram sequences or templates? Or maybe animated logos for your next youtube presentation?

Create your animations inside Photoshop, Premiere or After Effects! Simply drag & drop pre-animated watercolour brush strokes or drops.

You can mask it, change the color, adjust it, create clipping masks, you can do with the animated whatever you would do with a normal Photoshop layer.

The Animated Watercolour Collection gives you the possibility to make cool gifs, short videos (which is perfect for instagram) and even instagram stories. What about giving your wedding video clips a dreamy romantic look? So many options, so much fun!

  • 157 animated watercolour brush strokes of different shape and size
  • 182 PNG watercolour brush strokes (with transparent background)
  • a step by step video tutorial

The dimensions variates between 2337x3508 and 97x80 depending on the stroke size. The strokes are black as a base color. Since the watercolour structure is already based in the transparency, you can simply use color overlay to match your brand colours. This means you can use your very own corporate colours without restriction. 

Follow your daydream -

ana & yvy

Technical informations

Product is compatible with desktop versions of Photoshop (at least 2018), Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut. Please make sure you're using the newest versions in general. Tutorials are available for Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop you can use the files also in Premiere, After Effects or in FinalCut. Not using Photoshop restricts you to the possibilities Premiere or Final Cut offers you.

If you never worked with this kind of files before, please try these test files and check out the tutorial!