Sun Catcher | Animated Spectral Light Reflections

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One of our most demanded animations is finally here: The Sun Catcher Prism Light Overlay
Rainbow coloured sunshine reflection and crystal caustics bring your designs to life. Create delicate and outstanding video clips, instagram stories or animated pins with a few clicks directly inside Photoshop, Premiere Pro or After effects.
The design collection contains:
  • 15 animated Crystal Sun Catcher light overlays with different lengths between 1:00 up to 3:23 min
  • 15 animated Crystal Sun Catcher light overlays with 15 seconds length perfect for Instagram Stories (all animations are 1080 x 1920 px size)
  • an empty premade canva with the Instagram Story measurement for quicker and easier use (JPEG & PSD)
What you will need:
Photoshop (at least 2018) or Premiere Pro or After Effects. These files are for desktop work only, you can't prepare them on your Phone or iPad. You have to create your animation on a desktop computer / Mac first!
If you're not sure if your program is able to work with the files you can download test files here
Enjoy the collection & follow your daydream!
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