• Animated Shadows | Touch of Hand - ANA & YVY
  • Animated Shadows | Touch of Hand - ANA & YVY
  • Animated Shadows | Touch of Hand - ANA & YVY
  • Animated Shadows | Touch of Hand - ANA & YVY
  • Animated Shadows | Touch of Hand - ANA & YVY

Animated Shadows | Touch of Hand

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Touch Of Hand | An Animated Overlay Shadow Collection

Realistic and natural moving shadows of hands for your next audiovisual presentation. Create amazing looking mockup scenes directly inside photoshop or premiere. Realistic movement overlays create a natural sunlight & shadow look.

Use the shadows on their own or combine them with real moving hand gestures to give your next mockup presentation an unique look.

Simply drag & drop the animations into your Photoshop document and move on! So easy to use!

You can change the animations like every other smart object inside Photoshop! Change opacity, color, size or sharpness. Easy and intuitive to work with. You can also rasterize the animations at one point and use them as static overlays.


8 Shadow animations - please watch our presentation teaser for impressions:

  • video tutorial (screencast walkthrough)
  • 9 hand shadow animations with 3 different setups for blur / movement for each ( mov file format, each length 15 sec. perfect for instagram stories. Loopable.) (Size variates between 1786 x 1315, 1786 x 1920, 1286 x 1920, 1219 x 1920)
  • 6 background images
  • 46 PNG static hand shadow overlays with transparent backgrounds in high resolution (useable in Procreate, Photoshop and any png supporting application)

Paper mockups in size:

  • 2” x 2” square
  • 3.5” x 2” landscape
  • 3.5” x 2” portrait
  • 4” x 6” landscape
  • 4” x 6” portrait
  • 4” x 8” portrait
  • 4” x 9” portrait
  • 5.5” x 4.25” portrait
  • 5.5” x 5.5” square
  • 5” x 3.5” landscape
  • 5” x 7” portrait
  • A4 portrait

Photoshop (at least 2018 version) ! If you don't have Photoshop you can use the files also in Premiere or in FinalCut. Not using Photoshop restricts you to the possibilities Premiere or Final Cut offers you.

Our Mockups are super easy to use. If you're insecure, please check out our website https://anayvy.com were we show and explain you how to use them or write us a message. We'd love to help you!

If you never worked with this kind of files before, please try these test files and check out the tutorial!

You'll find an overview of all included shadows here: 

Follow your daydream -

ana & yvy

Technical informations

Product is compatible with desktop versions of Photoshop (at least 2018), Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut. Please make sure you're using the newest versions in general.