• Stock & Mock | Minimal Green - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Minimal Green - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Minimal Green - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Minimal Green - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Minimal Green - ANA & YVY
  • Stock & Mock | Minimal Green - ANA & YVY

Stock & Mock | Minimal Green

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Minimal Green | A Tropical Leaves & Greenery Collection

The Minimal Green Stock & Mock presentation set is here! Beautiful greenery, amazing monstera, fan and banana palm leaves and tropical hawaiian Flamingo lily flowers combined with corporate items like business cards and DIN sized paper mockups for your next presentation!

The unique extra? High resolution macro photography of monstera, banana palm and more which you’ve never seen before in a stationery presentation! You can clearly see the urban and natural grown structure of the leaves. (These are NOT rendered 3D leaves! All the files are real photography!)

We crawled through the rainforest to find the best and most beautiful exotic palm leaves for you!

Now you can present and promote your design, artwork or templates with these stylish and minimalistic ready-to-use mockup scenes. This collection is perfect for urban jungle themed designs and layouts! It also covers the modern aloha wedding trend. Or maybe use it as a print on your frame wall to match your urban jungle greenery ambient in your studio? The high resolution gives you the possibility to print on a huge scale.

What’s inside:

  • 74 psd mockup scenes. A handpicked mix out of macro and full size views. The files are 300 dpi and 16bit to give you the highest possible quality.

  • EXTRA: 74 high resolution jpeg for non Photoshop users

  • size 5100px x 3400 px | 3400px x 5100 px

  • User guide PDF

In case you’re wondering: Watermark is NOT on the final images, it’s only on the preview.

The mockups cover DIN sizes, business card sizes and square proportions.

The files are easy to handle, the layers are well organised and ready to use. Only a one click and you can drag and drop or create your very own design into the scene. Check out the quick & dirty tutorial video in the previews to see how easy it is!

A quick walkthrough tutorial:

If you want to change from landscape to portrait / horizontal to vertical you can simply rotate the image. Please make sure to put your design in the right angle IF you do this.

All images are retouched on a high-end level.

Stock images & mockups are a perfect way to add some ready made amazing and high quality photos to your social media, blog or presentation. No matter if you’re a busy creative business owner, a busy blogger, or a social media manager. Our stock images and mockups save you a lot of time, money and effort.

You can use the images for your social media, for your online shop as presentation tools and in every other promotional way.


If you want to use the mockups, please make sure you have the latest version of Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, don’t worry. These mockups are also included as jpegs in the set. The only reason for using the mockups is to put your work faster on top of the object.


Our Mockups are super easy to use. If you're insecure, please check out our website https://anayvy.com were we show and explain you how to use them or write us a message. We'd love to help you!

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